New Hanoi Arts - The project holder

New Hanoi Arts is legal nonprofit organisation has just established on March 2007 to implement the Hanoi Ceramic Mural Project, which received official permission from Hanoi People Committee on 23rd October 2007. New Hanoi Arts bring together the visual artists, sculptors, ceramists, artisans, designers, architects, journalists, community development organizer, community volunteers who are enthusiastic in beautifying the city by Public Arts...

Who are we ?

Here are some key conductors of the project:

1) Mr Nguyen Huy Cuong - Project manager/Director of New Hanoi Arts Co.Ltd.

10 years experienced in tourism; 6 years worked as a journalist specified on environment and sustainable issues of some newspapers such as Vietnam Tourism Review Magazine, Hanoi's Economy and Urban Newspaper and Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper; almost 2 years experienced as a public awareness adviser for the project "Strengthening Environmental Management & Land Administration" of the Vietnam's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

2) Ms Nguyen Thu Thuy - project founder/Vice Director of the NHA.

14 year journalist of cultural issues at the Vietnam's Fine-Arts Magazine, then the Hanoimoi daily Newspaper. As the same time Ms Thuy is a visual art artist, and the art-critical writer -member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

3) Ms Nguyen Thuy Van - Vice Director of the NHA.

12 year financial journalist at the Nhan Dan Daily Newspaper.

4) Mr Nguyen The Nam - Accountant in Chief.

8 years experienced in the position of accountant in different companies and organizations.

5) Mr Bui Viet Doan - the Sculptor: working as the project's Supervising artist

6) Mr Ha Huy Hiep - the painter: working as the project's Supervising artist

New Hanoi Arts

Address: 43 Lane 5 - F361 - An Duong Street, Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (84)4- 2212.9600

Fax: (84)4- 3719.6467


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